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Fulvic Acid is a Natural Chelator

Generally low-molecular weight substances are 100% permeable to cell membranes, and high molecular substances are not. Fulvic acid, in conjunction with water, is very low-molecular weight and in its pure form is 100% absorbable to all living cells.

Fulvic acid lowers the surface tension in the water, allowing water to penetrate other ORGANIC molecules better, and has been shown to increase the solubility of otherwise insoluble ORGANIC molecules by 20 times or 2000% greater than water alone.

Fulvic acids can FIX high molecular weight ORGANIC compounds and make them water soluble.

Fulvic acid also has the ability to chelate inorganic elements, metals, and other inorganic molecules and turn them into organic molecules, making them soluble, low-molecular weight and absorbable.

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