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Fulvic Acid is a Newly Discovered Term but is as Old as time

Although Fulvic acid has been around since the earth started decaying, the term Fulvic acid is relatively new. Humic acids have been known and understood a bit longer. However it wasn’t really until the last 80 years of industrial development and pesticides that science began studying the benefits of all those minerals left behind in compost and parts of the world where bogs sit untouched by man.

Fulvic acid is what gives cells their “will to live” and continue thriving in spite of constant deterioration and oxidative stress.

In fact- Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful life restorers. As a group of natural electrolytes, it balances, activates and energizes the biological properties of whatever organic material it comes into contact with. Electrolytes are soluble in water or any other medium able to conduct an electrical current. We are electric and radioactive.

Fulvic acid serves to balance cell life.

When powerful electrolytes are introduced into the stressed cell it increases the energy instead of when most substances people are consuming meets the cell it makes it struggle and tired as it dies off.

This is nature’s form of chelation.

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