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Welcome to Ancient Acids

We are so thrilled to have a place to build outside of the major social media platforms. Today's technology has been structured to work against us rather than for us. You may have noticed you can't say certain things out loud on the internet or make funny posts without going to facebook jail. You can't find certain information on google anymore. You can't find certain information on Pinterest anymore. Instagram has also installed a new security measure which defaults people to not see certain content.

The truth is, there is a big attack on knowledge. Even if we stayed on these social media giants for ten more years, the amount of people who will see the amazing content will be limited by around 20 percent or less of the actual amount of people who are in the network to see it.

In the upcoming months we hope that all of our amazing content is shared here first where people can enjoy zero censorship. We will have groups inside this website and dropping tons of educational info daily.

So many people are leaving these other platforms and looking for a place to call home online. Get comfy, make your fulvic water, coffee or tea and let's chat!

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