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What are Fulvic Acids?

Fulvic acids are natural, water soluble polymers.

They are ingredients of humic substances, which come from the humification (break down and decay of plant matter) and can range from yellow to black in color.

Fulvic acids are formed as a result of secondary synthesis reactions.

They are complex substances and are found in soil and plant matter.

Formed during the decomposition of decaying plants by microorganisms, they play essential roles in plant nutrition.

Fulvic acids naturally contain more than 70 minerals essential to life, amino acids, sugars, peptides, nucleic acids, photochemical compounds, vitamins and fragments of plant DNA.

They mostly occur in ionic form. Our bodies are plant compatible and we need ionic minerals.

Studies have suggested that humic substances containing high Fulvic content have anti-carcinogenic properties.

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